Can you believe Farab was Korea?
Khitan(Korean Tribe) moved to West and built Kara Khitan.
Farab was Heart of Silk Road. FARAB 1 FARAB 2
ChoSen Dynasty(1392-1910) modified History and discarded Khitan.
But Judging from Location and Period, Khitan was Absolutely Korean Tribe.

ChoSen(1392-1910) modified Korea's History, why?
Ming threatened
Ming colonized
Ming ordered
Ming suggested

ChoSen(1392-1910) is Worst Dynasty in Korean History, why?
Because prohibited Trade
Because prohibited Budhism
Because prohibited Movement
Because perished History

Nomad did Democracy, Which is most different from Kurultai?

Which is Not ChoSen Dynasty's Anti-Nomad Policy?

According to GyeongGukDaeJeon written by JeongDoJeon,
Where ChoSen Dynasty's Name came from?
GiJa ChoSen
DanGun ChoSen
WiMan ChoSen

What does it mean that All the Records are remade by ChoSen Dynasty(1392-1910)?
ChoSen Dynasty modified All the previous Records
ChoSen Dynasty lost All the previous Records because of War
ChoSen Dynasty fabricated All the previous Records
ChoSen Dynasty deleted All the previous Records

China's Record wrote Han perished ChoSen(-BC108), Why ChoSen chose Same Name?
To Celebrate China's Victory
To Memorize Korea's Shame
Because ChoSen(1392-1910) wanted to be Small China
Nobody knows truth

What is Not ChoSen Dynasty's Coup different from Koryo's?
ChoSen Changed Religion
ChoSen Changed Society
ChoSen prohibited Trade
ChoSen prohibited Freedom of Pass

If ChoSen modified Koryo's History, What must be modified First?
Koryo Founder's Coup
Koryo Founder's Lineage
Koryo Founder's SurName
Koryo Founder's Unification

What does it mean Japan Pirates stopped invasion after ChoSen's Coup?
Japan Pirates were Disguised Chinese Regular Navy in Spite of No Record
Japan Pirates surrendered easily after ChoSen Dynasty began
Japan Pirates surrendered suddenly after ChoSen Dynasty began
ChoSen Dynasty became Stronger Suddenly after Coup

Is there a Case Neighbor Nomads didn't rule China?
No. Every Nomads around China ruled China regardless of their Record
Yes. Ancient BooYeo Nomads didn't make Record in China
Yes. Some Nomads didn't rule China
Yes. Southern Nomads didn't rule China

What is BooYeo?
Only Nomad Nation Name
Nomads Group with lots of Tribes who built many Nations and Dynasties
Only Nomad Dynasty Name
Only Nomad Tribe Name

Which is Not BooYeo?
Geographic Name meaning Manchuria
Easy to Seperate from Xianbei(Mongol)
Historic Name meaning First Empire Manchurian Nomads made
Nomadic Tribe Name who became Root of Korea

Why BooYeo didn't leave Record?
Because they were Nomads
Because they were Painters
Because they were Historians
Because they were Poets

Which is Wrong Reason Europe is Best Place for Sailors?
Narrow Coastline
Western intensification

Which is First War between Nomads VS Sailors?
Greece VS Persia
Turkey VS Spain
Crusaders VS Turkey
Britain VS Mughal, Qing

How Spain repeled Arab Nomads from iberian peninsula?
Using Dominant Population
Using Guns and Cannons
Using Superior Horse Power
Using Overwhelming Ships

Which is Not Commonness of Mongol, Tibet and Korea?
started from Farmer's Nation
Splendid Ancient History
were Ruler of Eastern Asia

Which is Commonness of China and Japan?
became Much Stronger after Portugal Gun Arrived
Made Ancient Historybook Early

Which History book's Original Version was Remained?
None of them. All were ReMade by ChoSen Dynasty(1392-1910)

Which is Wrong Reason ChoSen Dynasty(1392-1910)'s Record is Suspicious?
Because ChoSen Dynasty declared they were Small China
Because ChoSen Dynasty was too different from Korean Nomad Tradition
Because ChoSen Dynasty's Nationality is Very Suspicious
Because ChoSen Dynasty was Real Korea

2 Coups happened in ChoSen Period, But Dynasty didn't be changed, Why?
Because Changing Dynasty was Not Easy in Nomad Tradition
Because Only King's Son could be King in Nomad Tradition
Because Only King's Daughter could be King in Nomad Tradition
Because King's Lineage didn't be needed to be King in Nomad Tradition

Which was Not Oblivion injection for Koreans?
Manchurian Nomads ruled China for Long time
Ming deleted Manchurian Nomads History
ChoSen denied Korea were Manchurian Nomads
ChoSen deleted Trace of BooYeo Nomads

History is Past. What is the Lesson of that Motto?
Don't Modify History!
Don't Deny History!
Don't Accept History!
Don't Take History!

Which Civilization was Oldest?
Yellow River

Who dispersed Mesoptamia Civilization to Indus River, with What?
Education by Egypt Farmers
Conquest by Aryan Nomads
Education by Dravidian Farmers
Education by Sumer Farmers

Who invented Alphabet First?

Who used Iron First?

Who believed Monotheism First?

What was Two Thoughts of Western World in Middle Ages?
Hellenism, Hebraism
Empiricism, Rationalism
Deontology, Teleology
Hedonism, Asceticism

Which is not Related to Punic war?

Which is Biggest Nomad's Contribution to Mankind?
World Trade
industrial Revolution
Geographic Discovery

Why Nomad Cavalry's Military Power is so important to manage Silk Road?
For Cheap Trade
For Safe Trade
For Fast Trade
For Trusty Trade

What is the First Popular Product Nomad Traders sold a lot?

Which battle is related to GoSeonJi(,GaoXianzhio)?
Battle of Agincourt
Battle of Poitiers
Battle of Talas
Battle of Tours

Which didn't end Age of Cavalry?

Why GunPowder is so fatal to Cavalry?
Sound threaten Horse
Sound threaten HorseRiders
Sound threaten Archerers
Sound threaten Gunners

Which is Not Nation Nomad founded?
Ottoman Empire
Qing Empire
Mughal Empire
British Empire

Which is Most Apparent and Direct Relation to Viking?
Siege of Paris
Rurik Dynasty
Hundred Year's War

BooYeo's Rival Turk() moved to Iran and made Nation. What is it?
Ottoman Turk
Seljuk Turk
Delhi Sultanate
Timurid Empire

Who Brought Crusades(1095-1291)?
Ottoman Turk
Seljuk Turk
Delhi Sultanate
Timurid Empire

Which is Most Basic Reason of Hundred Years' War(1337-1453)?
Anglo Scottish War
Norman's England Conquest
Succession to the French Throne
Flanders Wool industry

Which contributed to End of Hundred Year's War(1337-1453)?
Mongol's Russia Conquest
Fall of Eastern Rome
Spanish invasion

Which is Most Big Event of Sailors to defeat Nomads?
Geographical Discovery
Religion Reformation
Industrial Revolution
French Revolution

What is the Biggest Reason Spain discovered America First?

Which brought End of Armada?
Battle of Salamis
Battle of Trafalgar
Battle of Actium
Battle of Calais

Japan Pirates became Stronger after import of Portugal Guns. When they imported first?

Ephthalites(Persian Nomads) are not One Tribe, Why BooYeo is One Tribe?
Because BooYeo is Small
Because of Wrong Record
Because BooYeo didn't have Diversity
Because Korea's History was Scarce

Which is Not Nomad Dynasty?
Kushan Empire
Delhi Sultanate
Mughal Empire
None of them

Whose Direction is different from other 3 among 4 Heroes who Crossed over Alps Mountains?

Why Nomads brought Farmers into Nomad's Area At First?
For Need of Slaves
For Need of Friends
For Need of Helpers
For Need of Soldiers

Which is Wrong Reason Korea's Ancient History was Greater than Recent History?
Because Nomads ruled Eastern Asia and Korea were Nomads
After became Farmer's Nation Korea lost Hegemony
After became Farmer's Nation Korea lost Manchuria
After became Farmer's Nation Korea didn't need to buy Present for Northern Nomads

Which was Wrong Trend?
Harvest was increased as technology developed
Farming Area was broadened as technology developed
Farmers obtained power as technology developed
Climate has been colder as time goes

Which is Wrong Reason Huge Empire was impossible in Ancient times?
Lack of Pretext
Lack of Transfortation
Lack of Telecommunication
Lack of Administration

Who dispersed Civilization First?

Which is Wrong Reason BooYeo is Forgotten?
Because ChoSen Dynasty modified Records on BooYeo
Because ChoSen Dynasty distorted BooYeo as Barbarian
Because ChoSen Dynasty accepted BooYeo as Root of Korea
Because ChoSen Dynasty deleted BooYeo's Greatness

Which is Not BooYeo's Greatness?
BooYeo existed Recently like Eastern Rome
South BooYeo used BooYeo like Holy Roman Empire used Roman
BooYeo became Common Noun meaning Manchuria like ChangAn mean Capital
Koguryo succeeded to BooYeo like France succeeded to Francia

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